Tuna Couscous Salad with Za’atar Vinaigrette

Time to Table15 min

Light and simple, this bowl keeps things easy and our flavoured tuna adds more zing.

This recipe has been created by Chef Erica Karbelnik, Top Chef Canada’s season 9 winner!


3 tbsp Za'atar spice
½ tsp Kosher salt
1 tbsp Lemon juice
¼ cup olive oil Olive oil
1 tbsp Champagne vinegar
4 cups Water
2 cups Pearl couscous
½ tsp Salt, to taste
1 tbsp Turmeric powder
2 tbsp Olive oil
1 can (85 g) Clover Leaf® Flaked Light Tuna – Sundried Tomato & Basil
¼ cup Kalamata olives, sliced
3 tbsp Capers
¼ cup Sundried tomatoes, diced (in oil)
¼ cup Feta cheese
¼ cup Mint, chopped
¼ cup Slivered almonds, toasted
2 tbsp Olive oil


For the Couscous:

  1. Bring a pot of water to a boil, and season with salt and turmeric powder.
  2. Add in the pearl couscous and cook until soft.
  3. Strain and place in a bowl. Drizzle with 2 tbsp of olive oil.
  4. Add the za’atar vinaigrette while the couscous is hot.

For the Za’atar Vinaigrette:

  1. Mix zaatar spice, salt, olive oil, lemon juice and champagne vinegar until emulsified.

For Serving:

  1. Add half the amount of each ingredient into the couscous and mix.
  2. Garnish with the remaining ingredients and serve.

This recipe has been created by Chef Erica Karbelnik, Top Chef Canada’s season 9 winner!



per serving
% Daily
Fat30 g40%
Saturated Fat4.5 g
Trans Fat0 g
Saturated + Trans23%
Carbohydrate50 g
Fibre5 g18%
Sugars1 g1%
Protein13 g
Cholesterol10 mg
Sodium800 mg35%
Potassium300 mg6%
Calcium100 mg8%
Iron3.5 mg19%

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