Frequently Asked Questions

What steps is Clover Leaf taking to ensure sustainability in areas other than fishing?
What is Clover Leaf doing to mitigate bycatch and reduce ocean plastic?
What efforts is Clover Leaf taking towards sustainable seafood?
What does the “Responsibly Sourced, Line caught” mean on our Albacore (White) Tuna label?
What does ‘sustainable seafood’ mean?
How does Clover Leaf ensure suppliers comply with laws regarding slavery and human trafficking?
Why does some CLOVER LEAF® tuna in water and tuna in broth & oil products have the ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’ logo claim on the packaging?
What is mercury? Should I be concerned about mercury in Clover Leaf products?
What is Clover Leaf doing to monitor radiation levels in its products, post Japan’s nuclear plant disaster?
What is Bisphenol A or BPA?
What are Omega-3s and why are they important?
What are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)? Does Clover Leaf sell any?
Are Clover Leaf products Kosher?
Are Clover Leaf products gluten-free?
How long can a can of tuna be safely stored?
Are your policies and practices consistent with public health recommendations and federal & provincial laws?
Do I need to cook Clover Leaf seafood products?
Can leftover canned product be refrigerated or frozen?
Can I request recipes?
Where can I purchase Clover Leaf products?
What information can I find on your cans?
How do you read the date code on Clover Leaf products & what does it tell me?
In what kinds of recipes should I use Clover Leaf Seafood Delectables?
How long do Seafood Delectables remain fresh after opening the package? Can I freeze them?
Why is my white tuna not always the colour white?
Why are there skin & bones in my can of salmon?
What is the difference between white and light tuna?
What does ‘dolphin friendly’ mean? What is Clover Leaf’s dolphin friendly policy?
Is Clover Leaf salmon/tuna wild caught or farmed?
I found something that looks like glass in my salmon/tuna. What is it?
Why do I get multiple vessel results when I enter my can code on the Trace Your Catch webpage?
Why can’t I find my can code on the Trace Your Catch webpage?
When will all can codes be traceable on the Trace Your Catch webpage?

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