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At Clover Leaf, sustainability is a part of our mission of “Improving Canadian quality of life by providing sustainable, nutritious, convenient and affordable seafood products.”

We led our industry with the implementation of a corporate initiative aimed at ensuring the seafood we provide to our fellow Canadians is sourced from stocks that are harvested and managed in a manner which ensures that they can continue to supply seafood for future generations. While sustainable fisheries is core to our program, our corporate sustainability and responsibility program reaches beyond fisheries and across our business encompassing our operations, packaging, supply chain, consumers, communities and our employees. These efforts are led by a Director of Sustainability and a Sustainability Committee that includes our Chief Executive Officer and senior leadership from cross functional areas within our company.

While we are closer to the beginning than to the end of our efforts in sustainability, we are proud of our efforts to date and invite you to learn more about our work. We are committed, and confident, that we can effect change that will preserve precious resources for generations to come.

2015 International Seafood Sustainability Foundation Audit

The credibility of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) and its members’ commitments are contingent upon member company transparency and compliance with ISSF resolutions.  A critical component in demonstrating transparency and compliance with ISSF resolutions is the third party audit of member companies.  These audits are conducted by MRAG-Americas and evaluate company performance in meeting ISSF resolutions in a number of critical areas.  Clover Leaf Seafood’s audit results were outstanding with only three minor non-conformances of administrative nature noted.  We believe this is representative of our concerted efforts to ensure all products reaching the market comply with ISSF commitments, we are proud of our results and we will continue to drive to maintain the highest standard!  Click here to view our 2015 Audit Report.

For more information about ISSF and their proactive initiatives, please visit

Click on the link to view our 2013 Compliance certificate: Clover Leaf Compliance Certificate 2013  

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We work hard to preserve our precious aquatic resources through science-based fisheries management and initiatives.

Clover Leaf Promotes Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyles for Consumers.

We seek to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, packaging and supply chain.

We contribute to a healthy, productive workplace that empowers our employees as well as our local community.

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