Guide To Product Code For TRACE MY CATCH

Every Clover Leaf product has a product code ink-jetted or stamped next to the Best Before date on the can (either top or bottom, or on the outer packaging of the can, like a cartonette or overwrap), or bowl or pouch.

A part or all of this product code on our tuna, salmon and sardines cans is entered into the Trace My Catch field and submitted, to understand more about where the fish in your can comes from, with details about the catch location, fishing method, vessel name, and country of origin.

Here’s a picture guide to easily determine which part of the product code is to be entered for Trace My Catch. Based on the Clover Leaf tuna, salmon or sardines product in your hand, scroll to that product to seek the highlighted section of the product code in the image, and then locate the same section in the product code of your can. Go back to the Trace My Catch page, and enter the code in that section on your can into the Trace My Catch field and submit. You can now explore and trace the catch!

Clover Leaf Light Skipjack Tuna in Water 170g


Clover Leaf Sockeye Salmon Low Sodium 213g


Clover Leaf Brisling Sardines 106g








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