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March 2015
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Going Exotic
Impress mom (and the moms in your life) as you make these simple, easy and mouth-watering recipes with our chipotle and jalapeño flavoured white tuna and other products.
Great for the patio or potluck anywhere, even at grandma’s. Go on…make her proud!       
1-2-Cha-Cha-Cha Chipotle 
Chipotle Tuna Frittata
At brunch, give your usual frittata the zing and the ooh-la-la. Made with our Chipotle Flavoured White Tuna.
Piquant Potatoes & Tuna
Open up the possibilities with this sumptuous potato salad. So not possible without our Chipotle Flavoured White Tuna.
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Hola [Hello] Jalapeño!
Jalapeño Tuna & Mushroom Crostini
Entertain with these lip-smacking hors d’oeuvres. Make extra. Made using our Jalapeño Flavoured White Tuna.
Jalapeño Tuna Enchilada
Roll these out at any meal, and make extra for seconds. Only possible with our Jalapeño Flavoured White Tuna.
Avocado - Muy Bueno [Very Good]!
Baja Salmon Avocado
A tangy fiesta salad. Delicioso! Calorie wise with our Low Sodium Salmon (Sockeye or Pink).
Hooked On Tuna Burrito
Reinvent fast food with a low calorie, flavourful and exotic wrap. Made possible using our Garlic & Hot Pepper Flavoured Light Tuna.
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This Month's PRODUCT 
Have you tried our new Toppers? Tell us about it on Facebook 
Clover Leaf TOPPERS™ is tender tuna in 4 savoury sauces, fully cooked! 

Enjoy hot or cold, over your choice of rice, pasta, couscous, quinoa, potatoes, fries (poutine), bread, a salad or even straight out of the bowl!

See how easy and quick it is to use Toppers in this How-To video.
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This Month's Featured ARTICLE 
Calcium & Vitamin D for Your Bones   
Did you know that calcium and vitamin D go hand in hand? 
Vitamin D is important for proper absorption of calcium – an important mineral for your bones. 
According to Health Canada, “Too little vitamin D can cause calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood to decrease, leading to calcium being pulled out of the bones to help maintain stable blood levels. However, too much vitamin D can cause too much calcium to be deposited in the body, which can lead to calcification of the kidney and other soft tissues including the heart, lungs and blood vessels.”
How much calcium and vitamin D do you need and what are the best sources of these nutrients? Read on

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