December 2013

Our Merry Festive Spread

Let this season's family festivities celebrate the joy of having each other, and let's be grateful for the bounties received each day. 

So prepare these tantalizing appetizers and sumptuous main dishes created with your convenience in mind.


Crab Bruschetta        
This flavourful and light crab mixture on a toasted baguette is a great appetizer with cocktails while your guests are mingling!

Made using either our Chunk Crabmeat or Crabmeat with 15% Leg Meat.

Party Time Crab Empanadas (Patties)    
Our scrumptious crab blend is stuffed in homemade or readymade pastries, prepared way ahead of time and frozen. A half hour before the party, just pop-'em in the oven till they're golden brown, and serve! Another great cocktail accompaniment, also made using our Crabmeat.

Here are some more of our Crabmeat recipes.


..Oyster Stuffed Glazed Pork Tenderloin  
A wonderful option for the season! Smoked Oysters, bacon, maple and apples – it doesn't get any more Canadian than this!

..New Orleans Seafood    
A heavenly medley of succulent seafood (Chopped Ocean Clams; Medium Shrimp; Chunk Crabmeat), hearty vegetables and aromatic rice. 

Enjoy more of our oysters, clams, mussels & shrimp recipes.

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Less Salt – More Heart!

The Heart and Stroke Foundation currently recommends Sodium intake of 2,300 mg or less per day, which is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of salt. Why? Because eating food with too much sodium will result in high blood pressure, causing the heart to work harder, which puts us at risk for heart disease and stroke. So "cutting back on salt is a heart-smart strategy".

At Clover Leaf, we offer low sodium products which contains 3-4% Daily Value of sodium (per half can drained), a key metric found on the Nutrition Fact table of product labels, as shown in the image. Track this value for the foods you consume each day to ensure it adds up to 100% or less.

If this total is much higher, use these tips to reduce the excess sodium in your diet.

They're Smokin'!

We're talking about our Smoked Mussels & Smoked Oysters

Taste-wise, they're naturally, hardwood smoked, and packed in sunflower oil.

Health-wise, they are an excellent source of iron, and a good source of protein.

Here are our choicest recipes for a home-made entrée experience.



Chicken & Creamy Smoked Mussel Sauce   
Our Smoked Mussels in a creamy sauce poured over the chicken and complements it perfectly.

Rib Eye Steaks & Smoked Oyster Sauce      
So mouth-watering and divine! You might feel like dressing up for this meal. Made with our Smoked Oysters.

We hope you enjoy these and more smoked product recipes, found in the canned seafood section of your grocery store!

Let us know your favourite parts of this month's Recipe Club by rating, reviewing, or Pinning any of our recipes.

Until our next issue...Happy Holidays!

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