September 2013

Back-to-School is a Breeze with Clover Leaf

Phew! The kids are back in their school routines and many of us have returned to work – it’s the time of the year to fall back into your groove. Avoid the dreaded ‘daily grind’ by spicing up mealtime with Clover Leaf and Brunswick. This month’s Recipe Club contains meals from seasonal to exotic to kid-friendly.


Chipotle Tuna Stuffed Peppers        
Try this tasty and filling recipe with a dash of Mexican flair, created by Jo Lusted – voted Toronto’s hottest chef in 2012! Cook along with Jo by clicking here to watch our video. Made with our Chipotle Gourmet Flavoured Tuna.

Brunswick Spicy Seafood Squash Toss   ‘Tis the season for squash! Try something new with this colourful, zippy recipe featuring Brunswick Seafood Snacks in Hot Sauce.

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Mediterranean Tuna Veggie Sandwich  
Sneak the kids’ vegetable servings into this tasty tuna sandwich! The recipe serves 4, so you can make lunches for the whole family. Made with our Flaked White Tuna in Water.

Tuna Potato Casserole    
Quick and easy to put together on those busy nights. Plus, it’s packed with fibre, protein, and vitamins C & D. Made with our Chunk White Tuna in Water.

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Know Your Omega-3s

The list of benefits from Omega-3 fatty acids continues to increase, from aiding in infant development to preventing cancer to maintaining heart health.

Seafood is one of the best sources for these ‘good fats’.

So how come most Canadians aren’t consuming the 2 seafood meals a week that Canada’s Food Guide recommends?

Educate yourself on Omega-3s with our article this month and start reaping the advantages!

Read the full article here.


Punch Up Your Pantry with Ready-to-Eat Flavoured Light Tuna

Running low on lunch ideas for the kids? Looking to add some excitement to your usual fall cooking? Hankering for an afternoon snack?
Clover Leaf’s Flavoured Light Tuna can help with all of these! It’s perfect for lunches and snacks with its easy-peel top.
The 7 varieties add pizzazz to a wide selection of recipes – check them out here. Get started with these two scrumptious dinner ideas.



Tomato and Onion Tuna Dumpling in Squash Soup   
Squash season and cool weather are on their way. Perfect timing for this scrumptious, filling soup & dumpling combo! Made with our Tomato and Onion Flavoured Tuna.

Tuna Curry in a Hurry        
One of our most popular Take 5 recipes – takes 5 minutes to prepare with only 5 ingredients. Tasty, quick, and nutritious – what more could you ask? Prepared with our Spicy Thai Chili Flavoured Tuna.

We hope you enjoy these products found in the canned seafood section of your neighbourhood grocery store.

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