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It's Fall and Thanksgiving is days away. At Clover Leaf, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and to thank you for your loyal support in helping make Clover Leaf Canada's favourite canned seafood brand!

Make Ahead Recipes

You’ve more than likely checked off most things-to-do for this year’s Thanksgiving meal – who’s bringing what, seating around the table, what time the bird comes out of the oven, etc.

How about some appetizers to keep your guests content before the main course? These make-a-day-ahead recipes are a great time saver and stress-reliever as they can be refrigerated for up to a day before serving.

  1. Salsa Tuna Roll-Ups is our most popular recipe. Using Solid White Tuna in Water, and coming from our Take 5 recipe collection – prepared with 5 ingredients and ready in 5 minutes – this recipe is not only easy to make but also mouthwateringly delicious!
  2. Lemon & Dill Crab Rolls uses our Crab Delectables (TM) Leg Style to make yummy, bite-sized appetizers. Make extras though, because these will go fast!
  3. Creamy Salmon Dip is light and flavourful. It is made with our Skinless Boneless Sockeye Salmon and served with crudités.

So what’s turkey without stuffing?? For all of you stuffing-lovers, we recommend our Festive Oyster Stuffing Casserole prepared with our delicious and natural hardwood Smoked Oysters.

That said, if turkey is not on the menu this year, how about our Oyster Stuffed Glazed Pork Tenderloin? A smokey twist from the oysters & bacon, and a Canadian twist from the maple syrup!

Bon Appétit!

Re-invent Fast Food Recipes (continues...)

Last month, we introduced you to our Fast Food Re-invented recipes: easy to make, low calorie, protein packed versions of traditional fast food favourites like pizza, tacos, Pad Thai, shawarma, burritos and even the classic burger with bacon and cheese!

These tasty recipes were created by celebrity chef Michael P. Clive using Clover Leaf’s Flavoured Tuna products, including Lemon & Pepper, Sundried Tomato & Basil, Tomato & Onion, Spicy Thai Chili, Dill & Lemon, Spicy Peanut Satay and Garlic & Hot Pepper.

Here are a couple that will excite your palate:

  1. Clover Leaf’s Original Shawarma contains only 360 calories and is juicy & tangy with a bit of kick, thanks to our Flavoured Tunas – Lemon & Pepper and Garlic & Hot Pepper.
  2. Clover Leaf’s Spicy Tuna Pad Thai at only 310 calories is lighter than take-out fare, yet hearty and lip-smacking good, thanks to our Flavoured Tunas – Spicy Thai Chili and Spicy Peanut Satay.

We’ve called these and the rest of the NEW recipe collection ‘Reinvent Fast Food’. Click here to view.

Don’t forget to check out each of these Re-invent Fast Food recipe pages which contain ‘Make it a combo’ suggestions – fruity and deliciously light accompaniments.

For other Clover Leaf recipe ideas, click here.

Reducing Risk Of Cancer

October is Breast Cancer month. Reducing the risk of cancer means making a commitment to ourselves and our families to have regular checkups with our doctor, and routinely self check for anything unusual as part of early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, studies strongly suggest that exercise reduces your risk of colon and breast cancer. So being physically active on a regular basis is another step in reducing risk of cancer.

Some others include –
• Eating a healthy diet.
• Reducing exposure to charred meats.
• Being a non smoker and avoiding second hand smoke.
• Protecting yourself and your family from the sun.

For more steps and details, as outlined by the Public Health Agency of Canada, click here.

For the scoop about breast cancer, click here. Read more about general information on breast cancer here.

Clover Leaf’s Smoked Oysters

Clover Leaf’s Smoked Oysters are naturally hardwood smoked and packed in sunflower oil. These succulent Smoked Oysters are a source of energy, low in saturated fat, free of trans fat, a source of omega-3, a good source of protein and an excellent source of iron!

The cans come with an EZ open pull tab lid and are packed in distinctive carton packaging. So pick up a can of your favourite Clover Leaf Smoked Oysters from the canned seafood section of your grocery store and enjoy preparing these delicious and easy recipes.

Until our next issue.....

Your friends at Clover Leaf Seafoods.

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