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Kids ‘Like’. You ‘Like’.

It’s summer and the kids are home again, so finding ways to keep them occupied is probably a major priority for you. Finding activities that match each of their individual interests can be challenging, but one common denominator exists with them all – they all need to eat! And of course, you want their meals to be delicious and nutritious. So here are some easy to prepare recipes that can be made in about 5 minutes and your kids will surely enjoy. Some even have make-ahead options making it easier for you to get through the busy day. But … don’t expect leftovers.

  1. Hearty Tuna & Potato Hash is a great make ahead lunch with our Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil, our Sundried Tomato & Basil Flavoured Tuna, potatoes, green onions and peppers, all sautéed together, that kids will gobble down in a hurry.
  2. Italian Tuna Pasta Salad, another recipe that can be prepared ahead of time, is a toss of penne, our Sundried Tomato & Basil Flavoured Tuna, light mayo, tomatoes and olives. A great go-to-the-refrigerator-and-help-yourself snack or meal.
  3. Tuna Mashies, can also be put together up to a day earlier. It’s made with our Lemon & Pepper Flavoured Tuna, mashed potatoes, dill and onion. A delightful spread, that kids can easily serve themselves over a slice of bread.
  4. While the Montuna Cristo recipe requires an adult touch, you will win over any rambunctious kid with this unique and delicious take on a monte cristo using either our Dill & Lemon Flavoured Tuna or Lemon & Pepper Flavoured Tuna.

These recipes – and others from our Take 5 collection (5 ingredients in 5 minutes) – also work well for picnics, at the beach, by the pool … making summer vacation for you and the kids that much more enjoyable!

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Nutrition to lower your blood cholesterol

Our focus this month is on a nutrient on the Nutrition Facts Table that needs to be monitored: cholesterol.

While some cholesterol is essential for health, sometimes the body makes too much, or we make lifestyle choices that increase our blood cholesterol levels which elevate our risk of heart disease or stroke.

In order to counter elevated cholesterol levels, we need to seek out foods that contain omega-3 fats, unsaturated fats, and fibre, lighten up on saturated and trans fats, and exercise regularly.

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Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil

Clover Leaf Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil is made from the finest Yellowfin Tuna and comes in a can with a convenient easy peel lid replacing the stiff metal ring pull tab, making it easy for anyone to open the single-serve can.

Combining olive oil with our premium solid yellowfin tuna provides a rich, delicious and nutritious addition to any salad, pasta dish or even as a snack straight out of the can!

So pick up a Clover Leaf Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil today from the canned seafood section of your grocery store and enjoy preparing these mouth watering recipes for your family today!

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