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‘Take 5 & Save’ continues…

We’ve had an overwhelming response to our ‘Take 5 & Save’ promotion which started January 10th, 2011, and we’re thrilled! But if you haven’t already, go to where you can participate by viewing 5 ‘Take 5’ recipes and then enter to save up to $3.75 on your next purchases of Clover Leaf products!!

And don’t forget to refer your friends in the ‘Refer a Friend’ section of the promotion. When they participate, you’ll receive a bonus coupon!

This program is scheduled to run until April 3rd, 2011 or while coupon quantities last; limit 1 entry per household.

So if you’ve not had a chance to participate, don’t delay, and take advantage of this unique opportunity to save with Clover Leaf!

Attack the Winter Blahs with ‘Take 5’ Comfort Foods

Everyone of us has a special “go-to” winter comfort meal that’s hearty & wholesome, and invokes warm memories.

We took a poll among the folks at Clover Leaf and they tell us that soup, chili, pasta, anything with potatoes, even pizza all invoke warm, happy comfort feelings.

But at this crazy-busy time of year, who has time to make them?? Well it just so happens that many of our ‘Take 5’ recipes fit the “comfort food” bill perfectly. Using only 5 ingredients, these recipes are easy to make and are ready to serve in only 5 minutes! So now you can not only reinvent fast food, but reinvent comfort food too!

Here are some of our more popular Take 5 recipes that will make you and your family feeling comfy all over!

  1. Tomato and Onion Soup
  2. Tuna Cannellini
  3. Tuna Fettucini Alfredo
  4. Naan Pizza – Naanza
  5. Hearty Tuna & Potato Hash

For more Clover Leaf recipes, click here.

Be A Label Expert

Information on a food label is designed to help us make informed decisions about the food we choose to provide for our family.

The 3 key parts are –

  1. Nutrition Facts Table
  2. Ingredients List
  3. Nutrition Claims

Read more …

The nutrition facts table contains information about calories and at least 13 other core nutrients that our body would obtain by consuming that food. For many of these nutrients, the information is provided in both absolute amounts and Percent Daily Value (%DV).

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A very important aspect of the Nutrition Facts Table is the % Daily Value, or %DV. %DV is a quick way for us to know if a packaged food contains a lot or a little of a nutrient when choosing a food or deciding between products.

To gain further insight on this measure, the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign was launched by Health Canada and Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) in the fall of 2010, to educate and facilitate %DV understanding. Clover Leaf Seafoods and 33 other leading companies have committed resources to this consumer education effort. Read more about the facts here.

Sundried Tomato & Basil Flavoured Tuna

Clover Leaf's Flaked Light Tuna - Sundried Tomato & Basil combine the popular flavours of sundried tomatoes and basil; a sure family pleaser.

It’s packed in an 85g can and comes with an easy peel foil lid. This lid replaces the old stiff metal ring pull tab, making it easy for anyone to open the can.

Clover Leaf's Flaked Light Tuna - Sundried Tomato & Basil is low in saturated fat, free of trans fat, a good source of protein, iron and vitamin D, and an excellent source of selenium.

This makes a great snack when used in sandwiches, on a green salad, or even to shake things up by adding it to your pasta sauce. Try one today!

View recipes using this product.

Until our next issue.....

Your friends at Clover Leaf Seafoods.

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