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Happy New Year!

Nutrition Wise

It’s THAT time of year again when fitness clubs are rife with new members. New Year’s resolutions are all about eating healthier and losing a few pounds as we try to make up for our ‘sins’ of indulgence over the holidays.

While that’s all good, it’s the counterproductive effort of crash dieting that leads to giving up on weight loss and toning altogether. Slow & steady wins the race!

To help you on your way, may we suggest these ‘Nutrition Wise’ recipes from our ‘Take 5’ collection, that are delicious and filling, leaving you satisfied and guilt-free!

From Tunascany to Casablanca with Love.... is a cross culture food experience, a hot favourite recipe at cooking & food festivals that Clover Leaf attended last year. Just combine couscous, peas, artichoke hearts and black olives with our Garlic & Hot Pepper Flavoured Tuna for a flavour adventure with a punch!

Angel's Helluva Hot Garlic Tuna also calls for our Garlic & Hot Pepper Flavoured Tuna, though it works well with any of our 7 flavoured tuna products like Spicy Thai Chili or Lemon & Pepper.

To browse all of Clover Leaf’s recipes, click here.

Portion Wise

Managing a healthy body weight is a challenge for many Canadians.

In fact, according to Statistics Canada approximately 60% of Canadians are either overweight or obese.

While there are some factors such as genetics and family history that influence weight and cannot be changed, there are many things we CAN CHANGE to help us manage a healthy weight...

  1. Eat just a little bit better
  2. Eat more slowly
  3. Sneak in more fitness
  4. Nurture emotional health

For detailed helpful weight-loss wisdom, click here.

Sodium Wise

Did you know that reducing your sodium intake can help lower your blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke?

Clover Leaf makes it easy with a variety of great tasting low sodium tuna and salmon products.

Clover Leaf’s Low Sodium Solid White Tuna in Water

Clover Leaf’s Low Sodium Skipjack Flaked Light Tuna in Water

Clover Leaf’s Low Sodium Sockeye Salmon

Clover Leaf’s Low Sodium Pink Salmon

Try one today!

Savings Wise - ‘Take 5 & Save’

As a valued Clover Leaf Newsletter subscriber, you are among the first to know about Clover Leaf’s ‘Take 5 & Save’ promotion! Starting today, January 10th, just visit, click on the links and follow the instructions, and we’ll send you coupons for up to $3.75 on your next Clover Leaf purchases!

The promotion runs until April 3rd, 2011 or while coupon quantities last, so don’t delay. Click - ‘Take 5 & Save’ now for a great opportunity to save with Clover Leaf!

Until our next issue.....

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