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Nutrition Naturally!

What does All Natural mean? It means it contains no preservatives and no additives. All Clover Leaf tuna in water products are made with only three ingredients: tuna, water and sea salt*. And most of all, it is very high in protein and is as nutritious as fresh because our tuna is cooked in hermetically vacuum-packed BPA free cans through a special pressure and cooling process, sterilized and disinfected, sealing in the freshness and goodness. In addition, Clover Leaf tuna is wild and traceable through our Trace My Catch initiative.

It is easier than ever to eat All Natural with these great varieties:

We hope you enjoy the nutritious selection of CLOVER LEAF® All Natural Tuna from Clover Leaf Seafoods!
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*not added in the Low Sodium product

It's All Natural!

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