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Keep Your Bones Strong!

Keep Your Bones Strong!

Bone Basics

Did you know that bone is living tissue?

Our skeletal system is constantly “remodeled” which means we are either building new bone tissue, or removing old bone tissue. Bones support our muscles, protect our organs and store most of the body’s calcium. Maintaining strong bones is important to keep you vibrant and healthy. 


Bodies in training need proper nutrition, ensure you’re getting everything you need.

Osteoporosis is a disease that happens when there is a loss of bone tissue and a low bone mass. 1.4 million Canadians have osteoporosis and 1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men over the age of 501 suffer from this disease. And although typically seen in older individuals, osteoporosis can affect all ages.

What Causes Osteoporosis?

  • A low amount of bone mass building during childhood and teenage years can lead to a higher risk for osteoporosis. In general, the more bone density we accumulate when we are kids, the higher the reserve we have for life2.
  • Women experience more bone loss than men as they get older because estrogen levels fall after menopause. Estrogen provides protection against building and maintaining bones2.
  • In men, sex hormones also fall with age and contribute to bone loss after 502.
  • Other causes of osteoporosis are related to genetics, disease conditions, eating disorders, certain medications, and medical treatments2.

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis

  1. Get enough calcium and vitamin D! Getting enough calcium and vitamin D is essential for maintaining good bone mineral density in the bones. For more information on how much calcium and vitamin D you need and top notch sources please visit our article Calcium & Vitamin D for Your Bones.
  2. Think about what you drink. Too much caffeine and alcohol can have a negative effect on your bones. Drink no more than 4 cups (2 large mugs!) of coffee per day and reduce your consumption of pop and energy drinks that contain caffeine. Have no more than 1-2 alcoholic beverages per day.
  3. Stop smoking. You probably know that smoking is bad for many aspects of health such as the heart and lungs. To add to the list of reasons for not smoking is that it is hard on bones too, and increases the risk of osteoporosis.
  4. Get regular exercise. Exercise can help you maintain or even slightly increase your bone density. While all types of exercise are good for your bones, the best types of exercise to protect against osteoporosis are strength/resistance training such as weight lifting, and weight bearing activities such as walking, running, and dancing. For more information on exercise visit our article Fitness – Get Activated!.
  5. Manage a healthy weight. Being underweight is a risk factor for developing osteoporosis. It is important to eat a well balanced diet and enough calories to support a healthy body weight.


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