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Clover Leaf Tuna, Salmon & Sardines 'Trace My Catch'!

Allergy Awareness

Allergy Awareness

Clover Leaf Seafoods is dedicated to providing you with not only information on Health Benefits of our products by with information you need to make "healthy lifestyle" decisions.


Instant flavour and protein – buy a fresh made salad or veggie wrap, tear open a Rip n’ Ready pouch to top it, or add a can of flavoured tuna or salmon salad.

We recognize you or someone you know may have allergies or sensitivities to certain foods. Clover Leaf wants you to make informed decisions and to feel safe about the products you purchase. The chart below can be used as a quick reference guide to Clover Leaf products that may contain ingredients which could cause allergic reactions in people who have those sensitivities. If you do not find the answer to your question or would like more information on our products, feel free to check out our FAQ section or send us a note using our Contact Us page.

Chopped Ocean Clams Shellfish
Chunk Crabmeat Shellfish, Sulphite
Chunk Light Tuna, Yellowfin in Broth and Oil Soy
Cocktail Shrimp Shellfish
Crab Delectables, Flake Style Wheat, Crab, Eggs, Soy
Crab Delectables, Leg Style Wheat, Crab, Eggs, Soy
Crabmeat with 15% Leg meat Sulphite
Flaked Light Tuna - Lemon & Pepper Soy
Flaked Light Tuna - Spicy Peanut Satay Soy, Peanuts, Sesame
Flaked Light Tuna - Sundried Tomato & Basil Soy
Flaked Light Tuna - Tomato & Onion Soy
Flaked Light Tuna - Lemon & Ginger with Sesame Soy, Wheat, Sesame
Gourmet Chunk White Tuna - SUNDRIED TOMATO in Olive Oil Soy
Gourmet Chunk White Tuna – CHIPOTLE in Olive Oil Soy, Sesame
Gourmet Chunk White Tuna – JALAPEÑO in Olive Oil Soy
Lobster Delectables, Flake Style Wheat, Lobster, Eggs, Soy
Salmon Salad with Light Dressing Soy, Eggs
Small Shrimp Shellfish
Smoked Mussels Shellfish
Smoked Oysters and Smoked Oysters with Chili Shellfish
Solid White Tuna, Albacore in Broth and Oil Soy
Tuna Snacks - Classic Tuna Salad: Soy, Eggs, Milk; Crackers: Wheat, Soy
Tuna Snacks - Lemon & Pepper Lemon & Pepper: Soy; Crackers: Soy, Wheat
Tuna Snacks - Rosemary & Sundried Tomato Tuna Salad: Soy, Eggs, Milk; Crackers: Wheat, Soy
Tuna Snacks - Spicy Thai Chili Crackers: Wheat, Soy
Tuna Snacks - Cheesy Tuna Melt Egg, Milk, Soy, Wheat
Chicken Snacks - Original and Chicken Snacks - Spicy Buffalo Chicken Salad: Egg, Mustard, Soy; Crackers: Wheat, Milk, Soy
Chicken Snacks – Bourbon & Bacon Mustard, Soy, Wheat, Milk
Hummus Snacks - Traditional,
Hummus Snacks – Jalapeño and
Hummus Snacks - Roasted Red Pepper 
Hummus: Sesame Seeds; Crackers: Wheat, Barley, Milk, Soy
Whole Baby Clams Shellfish
Whole Pacific Oysters Shellfish
Toppers - Lemon Pepper Soy, Mustard
Toppers - Mild Curry Soy, Wheat
Toppers - Tikka Masala Peanuts, Soy, Mustard